Space Pursuit


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Space: Defender Xtreme

Never ending 2D retro style arcade space shooter.
How long can you defend the Earth for?

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Space: Defender Xtreme


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One of the best games for iOS7
This game brings forth everything you can ask for in a space invaderesque action rpg.
The story line is restricted to text box style, yet the story gives us a reason to strategize our ship customization and the inevitable fight with the "final bosses".
Each level presents unique challenges that keeps the learning curve and comfort level out of the users reach.
This game is not your simple left and right evasion.
My only problem with the game is the left and right movement of the plane.
I would have liked the liberty to push slightly ahead and avoid certain dilemmas, but the challenge lies in quick reactions.
I have played many games on iOS7 and I would recommend this game to anyone looking for something new.

-by CDieZel - Version 1.0.2 - Nov 8, 2013

Destroy enemies and dominate outer space while mastering a fully loaded spacecraft.
Experience the best 3D graphics in this latest space combat game for iphone and iPad, Space Pursuit!

There are over 50 different enemies, 7 powerful bosses, 6 different space vehicles, 10 different powerful weapons and equipments (each weapon has 5 power ups), with multiple high definition space scenes, realistic sound effects, dynamic music, it will make you feel as if you were actually there.

Game features:
1, Has full 3D graphics with retina display.
2, Customize your spacecraft with advanced missiles, powerful guns, and special abilities.
3, Infinite space fights.
4, 6 battle spacecrafts to fly on.
5, supreme bosses, and over 30 different species of enemies.